89674571Articulation Milestones

Sounds should be acquired by corresponding age:

Age:                Sound:

2                      p,b,m,n,w,h

3*                    s,z,t,d,ng,f,v,k,g,y

4                      l,sh,ch,j

5                      th,r

*By age 3, a child’s speech should be 90% intelligible to anyone.

Speech sounds should be produced correctly before a child enters kindergarten.

Language Milestones

By age 2, your child should…

–       Follow simple directions.

–       Use two-word sentences and ask questions.

–       Have speech that is 50-75% intelligible.


By age 3, your child should…

–       Follow two-step directions.

–       Use three word sentences to talk about and ask for things.

–       Have speech that is 90% intelligible.


By age 4, your child should…

–       Understand simple “who, what, where, why” questions.

–       Use sentences that have four or more words.


By age 5-6, your child should…

–       Follow complex directions.

–       Communicate easily with peers and adults.

–       Produce all speech sounds correctly.